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How to Spell Organization? (“Organization” or “Organisation”?)

Organization or organisation?

Organization and organisation are two different spellings of the word and noun that can either refer to a group of people who “form a business, club, etc., in order to achieve a particular aim”, “the act of making arrangements or preparations for something”, or “the way in which the different parts of something are arranged”.

Organization vs. organisation (UK vs. US spelling)

The appropriate spelling depends on whether you’re writing using UK English or US English spelling rules:

  • UK English spells “organisation” with “s”.

  • US English spells “organization” with “z”.

Note: Many words that are spelled with a “z” in US English use an “s” in UK English (e.g., “analyze” and “analyse”, “realize” and “realise”).

Word forms of organization/organisation

The same spelling distinctions carry to its other word forms as a verb; e.g., organizes/organises, organized/organised.

word classUK EnglishUS English
verborganise, organises, organising
organize, organizes, organizing
adjectiveorganisational, organised*organizational, organized*

Other UK English vs. US English spelling differences

There are various spelling differences and preferences between US and UK English. A few common patterns include the single or double ‘L’ in certain verbs, or US English’s preference for the standard past tense conjugation (which just adds “-ed”). See the chart below.

UK EnglishUS English
labelled, labelling,
cancelled, cancelling
modelled, modelling
travelled, travelling
labeled, labeling,
canceled, canceling
modeled, modeling
traveled, traveling
burnt, spelt, smeltburned, spelled, smelled

“Organization” / “organisation”, used in sentences

The library shelves displayed no obvious sign of organization/organisation.

He’s the president of a large international organization/organisation.

She works with local community organizations/organisations.

The organization/organisation provides housing and support services for homeless young people.

Sentences with organisation/organization in the media

These are 11 of the most high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based organizations.

Want to fight climate change effectively? Here’s where to donate your money.

Many organizations are now working to restore coastal wetlands.

— From Science News For Students

Last month the American Alpine Club announced that Mitsu Iwasaki would be the organization’s new CEO.

—From Outside Online

Organization, synonyms

  • grouping
  • institution
  • management
  • system
  • association
  • body
  • business
  • club
  • group

Phrases with organization

Origin of the word organization/organisation

From Etymonline:

Early 15c., organisacioun, “structure of the body or its parts;” mid-15c., “act or process of organizing, the arranging of parts in an organic whole” from Medieval Latin organizationem

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