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Nouns name people, places, things and ideas. They’re one of the 8 main parts of speech that make up language, and they’re around us everywhere. There are many types of nouns; some of which are concrete or abstract, common or proper, singular or plural.

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Abstract Nouns vs. Concrete Nouns Explained

Things we can see, touch, feel and count are concrete nouns. Abstract nouns name nonphysical ideas, emotions, states and qualities, like empathy, justice and buddhism.

What’s the Singular of Means?

As a course of action, means can be singular and plural. When referring to finance, means is always plural.

What’s the Singular of Tongs?

Tongs are a plural-only noun, as tongs are made up of parts/pairs/pieces. ‘A pair of tongs’ refers to tongs as a singular noun.