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singular only

Singular-only nouns (also called mass nouns) refer to nouns that are either abstract or too numerous to count (because they are a substance or exist in masses).

Examples include concepts or traits like knowledge, justice and wisdom. Other examples are substances that are non-quantifiable, or exist in a form which cannot be counted, (e.g., milk, rice or water).

What’s the Singular of Means?

As a course of action, means can be singular and plural. When referring to finance, means is always plural.

What’s the Plural of Beer?

As a general guide, beer (no -s) is most often the plural of beer. When referring to varieties, or types of beers, the standard pl. n. is acceptable.

What’s the Plural of Series?

The plural and singular of series is series. Series already refers to a number of things, and so it stays the same either way.