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Verbs are where all the action’s at—literally. They’re one of the main parts of speech that builds language, and they tell us what is actually going in sentences and speech. Verb is called “a word” for a reason (because they’re the most important words in a sentence).

There are many times of verbs, some of the most regularly confused include verb tenses, which are the inflections verbs take to show when they occured. The three principal tenses in English are the present tense, past tense and future tense. Each tense has four forms, or subsets; which, altogether, comprises of the 12 verb tenses in English.

What's the present perfect tense?

What’s the Present Perfect Tense?

The present perfect tense The present perfect tense is a form of the present tense that highlights the connection between the present and past. We

When to Use Were or Was?

‘Was’ is for first-person and third-person singular subjects past tense, and ‘were’ for second-person and third-person plural subjects. With the subjunctive mood, use ‘were’ in all cases.