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Nouns mention people, places, things or ideas. Most nouns are countable, and come in a singular or plural noun form. By and large, most nouns in English add “es” or “s” to denote a plural. These are called “regular nouns”.

Irregular nouns become plural by some other inflection, or they may simply remain as is. These nouns are harder to learn, but we have the answers to all the common questions on proper noun forms; like, “what’s the plural of sheep?”, “is fish plural or singular?”, “is ox plural oxes, or oxen?” To all of your questions on plural nouns, we have the answers. Also, no, meese is not the plural of moose; it’s just moose.

Plural of tornado

What’s the Plural of Tornado?

‍Plural of “tornado” Both are accepted plurals to mention more than one tornado. Other words ending in -o / -es or -s Like other singular

What’s the Plural of Dogma?

Both dogmas and dogmata are accepted plurals of dogma (sing. n.). Dogmata is the original Greek pl. n. form; dogmas is the Americanized plural.