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Embarrassing grammar mistakes are avoidable—avoid them with our writing tips on the most common questions related to English writing and grammar. Find answers to some of the most frequently confused and misused words, like effect and affect, accept or except, and bear vs. bare.

Learn the differences between UK English and US English in spelling and punctuation, or check out how to use commas with conjunctions (or for that matter, why not take the time to learn about conjunctions and their role in grammar!) There are endless writing tips available for you to learn at this corner of the web; we highly encourage it!

Assent, ascent or accent?

Assent or Ascent (or Accent?)

When to use assent, ascent and accent The differences between assent, ascent and accent: Assent may be a noun or a verb: the former refers

Device or devise?

Devise or Device? (Meaning, Usage)

What’s the difference between device and devise? Devise is a verb meaning “to invent or plan”. Device is a noun that refers to “an object

Amiable or amicable?

When to Use Amiable or Amicable?

Are amiable and amicable the same? Both amiable and amicable are describing words (i.e., adjectives); the difference mostly concerns what it is that they describe: