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plural only

Plural-only nouns refer to nouns that are only used as a plural, despite that they may only mention one object or item (such as glasses, pants, scissors). These items are made up of parts, pieces or pairs, so English treats them as “plural” in form.

What’s the Singular of Tongs?

Tongs are a plural-only noun, as tongs are made up of parts/pairs/pieces. ‘A pair of tongs’ refers to tongs as a singular noun.

Are Glasses Singular or Plural?

Glasses are a ‘plural-only’ noun, and are only used as a plural noun. Objects that are made up of parts/pieces/pairs are called plural-only.

What’s the Plural of Pants?

Pants are a plural-only noun, with no singular noun form, since pants are made up of parts. As a singular, pants are called ‘a pair of pants’.

Are Scissors Singular or Plural?

Often called ‘a pair of scissors,’ scissors are only referred to as a plural, since it’s made up of parts.