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Realize or Realise? How to Spell “Realize”?

Realize or realise?

Is it “realize” or “realise”?

The verb, to realize, which describes “becoming aware of a particular fact or situation”; “to achieve something important that you very much want to do”; also, to “make real”.

Like a select number of English verbs (and words), the spelling of realize will vary depending on whether you’re using UK English or US English.

  • UK English spellsrealise” with “-ise”.

  • US English spells “realize” with “-ize”.

Other words similar to “realize”/”realise”

UK EnglishUS English
UK/US English “-yze”/”-yse”. Chart by Grammarflex

Other forms of realize/realise

Other verb forms of “realize” carry the same spelling pattern across its word forms (according to the style of English). In other words, as a present participle, it can be realising/realizing, realised/realized, and so forth.

UK EnglishUS English
verb: realise, realised, realising,
realize, realized, realizing,
noun: realisationrealization
adjective: realisablerealizable

Sentence examples with realize/realise

Sierra hopes to realise/realize her dream of writing a novel.

I hope you realise/realize the seriousness of this crime.

The situation was more complicated than they had at first realised/realized.

It is important to realise/realize that there are still potential problems.

The experience made me realise/realize that people did care.

Examples of realize/realise in the media

After initially joining the team, Scott realized the trajectory his career could take.

—Shane Connuck, Charlotte Observer, 13 Feb. 2024.

His dream—jeans made to the highest standards of Italian luxury, without compromising quality at any stage—continues to be realized with each finished pair of Jacob Cohën denim.

—Robb Report Studio, Robb Report, 13 Feb. 2024.

After developing lasting symptoms following a COVID infection two years ago, Emma, 34, realized that concentrating on the intricate work of cross-stitching triggered her fatigue.

—Anna Borges, SELF, 12 Feb. 2024

“Realize” (or “realise), synonyms

  • discover
  • see
  • learn
  • ascertain
  • understand
  • acknowledge
  • observe
  • descry (to come upon after searching, study, or effort)

Origin of the word realize

1610s, “bring into existence, make or cause to become real,” also “exhibit the actual existence of,” from French réaliser “make real” (16c.), from real “actual”. The sense of “understand clearly, comprehend the reality of” is recorded by 1775. Sense of “obtain, amass, bring or get into actual possession” (money, profit, etc.) is from 1753.


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