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Abbreviations are shortened versions of longer words or phrases. For example, the contractiondon’t” is combination of  two individual words: do + not.

There are many types of abbreviations in English; including (but not limited to) acronyms, contractions, truncations, initialisms, portmanteaus and clipped words.

When to Use I.e. (I.e. or E.g.)

I.e. is Latin for id est, meaning ‘in essence’. In English, this is understood as ‘that is to say’, or ‘in other words’.

What Are Acronyms?

Acronyms are a type of abbreviation where each word in a series or phrase forms a single word that’s pronounced differently, like YOLO (You Only Live Once).

How to Write “P.S.”

PS? Postscript? What does this mean? We’re not talking about your PlayStation, though they do share the same initials as the subject of this GrammarFlex article!