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Is it Spelled Metre or Meter?

Metre or meter?

“Meter” or “metre”?

Meter and metre are both correct spellings of the noun that refers to a measurement of length, (also equal to one-hundred centimetres).

  • UK English and most English speaking countries spells “metre” (with the “re” at the end).

  • US English and the Philippines spell “meter” (with “er” at the end).

Other “-er”/”-re” words

Other words that share the “-er” / “-re” suffixes, and follow the same spelling conventions according to US/UK spelling as meter/metre:

UK EnglishUS English

Sentences with meter/metre as a noun

Every few metres/meters the cat stopped and turned to look at me.

Over 3 700 square metres/meters of office space is available.

The huge sculpture is made of 500 cubic metres/meters of ice.

A man came to read the gas metre/meter.

Origin of the word meter/metre

Etymonline on metre:

Also metre, “poetic measure, metrical scheme, arrangement of language in a series of rhythmic movements,” Old English meter.

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  1. Harper, Douglas. “Etymology of metre.” Online Etymology Dictionary, Accessed 6 Feb, 2024.

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