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Is it “Behaviour” or “Behavior”?

"Behaviour" or "Behavior"

Last updated on February 12th, 2024 at 07:20 pm

Behaviour or behaviour, which is the correct spelling? It’s a bit of a trick question because the answer depends on geography (as you may have guessed … if you’ve been keeping up with your regularly scheduled grammar-flexing!)

Behaviour vs. behavior

Behaviour and behavior are two spellings of the same word noun and verb meaning, the way that someone acts or the things they do; e.g., parents can influence the behaviour/behavior of their children.

  • UK English spells “behaviour” with the “u”.

  • US English spells “behavior” without “u”.

Other “-our”/”-or” words

Other words that share the “-our” / “-or” suffix follow the same spelling conventions:

UK EnglishUS English

Other forms of the word behaviour

Other forms of the word also follow the same spelling conventions based on US/UK English:

US Englishbehaviorally, behavioral.
UK Englishbehaviourally, behavioural.

Sentence examples with behaviour/behavior

His behaviour/behavior towards her was becoming more and more aggressive.

I noticed a change in his behaviour/behavior.

I know you were upset, but that doesn’t excuse your behaviour/behavior.

We were grateful for the gracious behaviour/behavior of our hostess.

Origin of the word

From Etymonline on behaviour:

“manner of behaving (whether good or bad), conduct, manners,” late 15c., essentially from behave, but with ending from Middle English havour “possession,” a word altered (by influence of have) from aver, noun use of Old French verb aveir “to have.”

Learn more about US English vs. UK English


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