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UK vs. US English

English writing, spelling and punctuation will oftentimes differ based on UK vs. US English, along with Australian and Canadian English. It’s important to understand these differences to communicate correctly according to the style that applies to you.

Though the spelling differences may be minor, they appear frequently and are regularly confused. For example, the word colour is spelled “-our” according to UK English, but US English prefers color (without the “u”). Similarly, words like favour, humour and labour are all spelled with “-our” in British English, but US English omits the “-u”. Learn about other differences in punctuation, spelling and formatting according to UK vs. US English.

Realize or realise?

Realize or Realise? How to Spell “Realize”?

Is it “realize” or “realise”? The verb, to realize, which describes “becoming aware of a particular fact or situation”; “to achieve something important that you

Labeled or labelled?

Is the Correct Spelling Labeled or Labelled?

Labeled and labelled are different spellings of the same word and action meaning, “to fix a label on something or write information on something”. Labelled