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“Beck and Call” or “Beckon Call”? Which is Correct?

Beck and call or beckon call?

Meaning of ‘beck and call’

‘To be at someone’s beck and call‘ is an idiomatic expression that describes being immediately available, or ready to be of service for someone or something.

Is it ‘beck and call’ or ‘beckon call’?

  • The correct expression is ‘beck and call‘. This is the only correct way to spell the phrase.

  • Beckon call is a common misspelling (and an eggcorn), of ‘beck and call’.

‘Beckon’ is however a recognized word in English: it’s a verb that means to “make a gesture with the hand, arm, or head to encourage someone to come nearer or follow: Miranda beckoned to Adam. It’s similar to words like gesture, signal or gesticulate.

Where did the term ‘beck and call’ come from?

According to, “it’s originally a thirteenth-century abbreviation of beckon, and on its own came to mean the sort of nod or gesture you make with your head to bring someone closer to you. And a call is a loud utterance to get someone’s attention”.

“Beck and call”, examples in sentences

Examples: “beck and call”
I frequently touch base with my manager, but I can’t be at her beck and call 24-7.

He expects his employees to be at his beck and call day and night.

She is at the beck and call of the committee.

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