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What’s the Plural of Vertex?

Vertex, which is a Latin word meaning "highest point", has two plural noun forms, vertices and vertexes.

What’s the plural of “vertex”?

Vertex is singular. The plural of vertex is vertexes or vertices.

Is vertex singular or plural?

Vertex is singular. The plural of vertex is vertexes or vertices.

What’s a vertex? What’s the dictionary definition of vertex?  

The word and noun vertex is defined as either  “the top of the head”, or “the point opposite to and farthest from the base in a figure.”

Nouns that end in -ex and -xes/-ces

Irregular nouns that end in -ex often convert to –ces/-xes as a plural. This is a characteristic of Latin words.

indexindexes and indices
matrixmatrices and matrixes
appendixappendices or appendexes
codexcodices or codexes
vortexvortices or vortexes
vertexvertices or vertexes
apexapices or apexes

Examples of “vertex” used in context

Initially, every vertex has the same probability of being open to the flow of water.

The vertex of the hill.

My cousin built his house on the vertex of the highest hill in the county.

Last week, one of the students located the vertex of a parabola in a particularly elegant way.

For each bit of information, we draw a vertex (or node), called a digit node.

Examples of “vertexes”/”vertices” in sentences

Using the ruler draw lines connecting the adjacent vertices of the hexagon.

This solid has 4 faces, 4 vertices and 6 edges.

It consequently has four vertices and six edges.

It has 12 pentagonal faces, and 30 edges, which intersect in fives to form 12 vertices.

Two polyhedra are reciprocal when the faces and vertices of one correspond to the vertices and faces of the other.

Synonyms of vertex

  • pinnacle
  • top
  • crest
  • zenith
  • summit
  • height
  • tip
  • apex
  • Peak

Origin of the word vertex

From etymonline on vertex:

1560s, “the point opposite the base in geometry,” from Latin vertex “highest point,” literally “the turning point”.

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