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What’s the Plural of Apex?

Apex meaning, "the tip, point, or summit", comes from Latin; originally, its plural is apices. Apexes has come to be accepted over time.

What’s the plural of “apex”?

The plural of apex is apexes or apices.

What’s the singular of apex?

The singular of apex is just apex.

What does the word apex/apexes mean?

The dictionary defines the word apex as “the highest or the greatest part of something, especially forming a point.”

Other irregular plural nouns

Apex belongs to the Latinate category of irregular plural nouns that end in -ex/ix. The -ex/-ix suffix is characteristic of Latin word origin. See the following chart of irregular Latinate plural noun forms that are similar to apex:

indexindexes and indices
matrixmatrices and matrixes
appendixappendices or appendexes
codexcodices or codexes
vortexvortices or vortexes
vertexvertices or vertexes
apexapices or apexes

Examples of the word apex used in sentences

He was at the apex of his career: he had climbed to the top of the heap.

At the apex of the party was its central committee.

Now, this is a root apex growing against a slope.

Leg and arm raised, he is shown at the apex of his celebration, seconds before his caddie leapt excitedly into his arms.

At the apex of our country sits the president of our nation.

Examples of apexes/apices used in application

They are most commonly found at the apices of the involved teeth.

The itching is intense, and in consequence their apices are excoriated.

Minute fragments of shoot apices are proverbially difficult to culture.

The primary site of Al toxicity locates in root apices .

This concept has now been replaced, for stem apices, by the tunica-corpus theory.

Origin of the word apex

From etymology online on apex (n.):

The tip, point, or summit” of anything, c. 1600, from Latin apex “summit, peak, tip, top, extreme end.”

Synonyms of apex

  • top
  • peak
  • pinnacle
  • summit
  • crest
  • vertex


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