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What’s the Plural of Matrix?

The word and noun matrix originally comes from Latin, and has two accepted plurals: matrixes and matrices (matrices being the original pl. form).

Is “matrix” plural or singular?

The plural of matrix is matrixes or matrices. What’s with the word matrix, and why does it behave the way it does from its singular to plural form? Keep reading.

What the definition of matrix?

According to the online dictionary, the word matrix is understood as “something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.”

What’s the plural of matrix?

The plural of matrix is matrixes or matrices. Matrix comes from Latin, which evidently showed other patterns of noun transformation than the standard –s/-es in Modern English. The -ex/-ix suffix pattern is common across Latin-derived nouns, and commonly these nouns modify to –ces as a pl. n. form. Over time (and frequent confusion on the part of English speakers), –xes, or simply adding the –es most likely came to be accepted (or was introduced by way of American English).

Latin words ending in -ix/-ex and -xes/-ces

indexindexes and indices
matrixmatrices and matrixes
appendixappendices or appendexes
codexcodices or codexes
vortexvortices or vortexes
vertexvertices or vertexes
apexapices or apexes

Examples of matrix used in context

1. A matrix of wood or iron is covered with successive layers of papers, pasted together so as to form pasteboard.

2. We reconfigured Jarvis’s matrix to create something new

3. The concretion matrix is dominantly an interlocking mosaic of calcite, ferroan dolomite and quartz.

4. The wires all crossed each other and formed a matrix.

5. One consisted of specimens with cubic crystals on matrix purportedly from Siberia.

Examples of matrixes/matrices in context

1. The unit matrix is a unit that provides objects for the common two, three and four dimensional vectors matrixes.

2. Sensitive matrixes recommended for the effect were used during this national audition.

3. Some of these correlation matrixes must also meet certain mathematical requirements.

4. These turn out to fail, over time, as matrixes for a satisfying, effective feminism.

5. Control rooms and matrixes are from Sony, but could also be any broadcast brand.

O‍rigin of the word matrix

From etymonline on matrix:

From Latin mātrix (genitive mātricis) “pregnant animal,” in Late Latin “womb”.


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  1. Origin of the word matrix.


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