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What’s the Plural of Zero?

Zeroes or zeros are both accepted plurals of the noun (and non-figure) zero.

What’s the plural of “zero”?

The plural of the noun zero is zeroes or zeros. For the most part, nouns that end in –o take on –es or –s to denote a plural noun form.

Is zero singular or plural?

Zero, as in the non-number represented by the digits ‘0‘ is the correct way to refer to the number and noun as a singular. Zeros/zeroes are plural.

What’s the definition of zero?

The word and figure zero refers to “no quantity or number; naught; the figure 0.”

Nouns that end in -o

The following are nouns that end in the vowel –o, and similarly convert to showcase a plural noun form:

singular nouns ending in “-o”plural “-es” / “-s”
zerozeroes or zeros
buffalobuffaloes or buffalos
volcanovolcanos or volcanoes

Examples with “zero” in application

1. Dean pushed each of the four buzzers, with zero response.

2. The temperature is 10° above zero.

3. Two minus two equals zero.

4. They are working to reduce the mortality rate to zero.

5. It’s supposed to fall below zero tonight.

Sentences with “zeros”/”zeroes” (plural)

1. A googolplex is a 10 with a googol zeros after it.

2. All values must be given to the correct precision, including trailing zeros.

3. Transporter are handled not as ones and zeroes, but as precision analog signals.

4. She blinked and read it again, counting the zeros to assure that she had read it properly.

5. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the plural of “zero” can either be “zeros” or “zeroes“.

Origin of the word zero

From etymonline on zero:

Figure which stands for naught in the Arabic notation,” also “the absence of all quantity considered as quantity,” c. 1600, from French zéro or directly from Italian zero, from Medieval Latin zephirum.


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