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What’s the Plural of Potato?

Singular nouns that end in -o normally take on s or es as a plural, like potato/potatoes (and tomato/tomatoes).

A variety of potatoes. Image by Bruceman.
A variety of potatoes. Image by Bruceman.

What’s the plural of “potato”?

Potatoes (plural) in sentences.

The plural of potato is potatoes. Like the tomato, both have Spanish origin and end in –o. Likewise, both tomato and potato adheres to the regular plural noun rule in English by adding an -es/-s to denote a plural.

What are potatoes? Are potatoes a fruit or a vegetable?

Potato is defined in the dictionary as:

A round vegetable that grows underground and has white flesh with light brown, red, or pink skin, or the plant on which these grow: boiled/roasted/fried potatoes, mashed potato/mashed potatoes.

Nouns that end in –o

See the following nouns that end in –o and add -s/-es to show plurality:

singular nouns ending in “-o”plural “-es” / “-s”
buffalobuffaloes or buffalos
volcanovolcanos or volcanoes

“Potato”, used in sentences

1. She rinsed a potato and dropped it in the kettle.

2. We are settled in our couch potato ways.

3. She threw the potato into a pan and eyed Carmen reflectively.

4. He casually spooned a bite of potato salad into his mouth and methodically chewed and swallowed it.

5. In Europe, potato starch is generally employed; in America, corn starch.

Potatoes in context (in sentences)

1. Serve with small cubes of roast potatoes and a green salad.

2. Katie placed a bowl of mashed potatoes on the table and paused, hands on her hips as she gave Carmen an exasperated look.

3. Eat jacket or boiled potatoes rather than fried or roast.

4. I put the potatoes in the oven to bake about ten minutes ago.

5. We had salad, chicken and boiled potatoes for supper.

Origin of the word potato

From etymonline on potato:

1560s, “sweet potato,” from Spanish patata, from a Carib language of Haiti batata “sweet potato.” Sweet potatoes were first to be introduced to Europe; they were in cultivation in Spain by mid-16c.


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