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What’s the Plural of Half?

The plural of half (rhymes with calf) is halves. Half is a sibilant, and like calf, loaf, and wolf, each uses -ves to denote a plural noun form.

What’s the plural of “half”?  ½

The plural of half  (rhymes with calf) is halves (rhymes with calves). Like most singular nouns that end in f and are sibilants, half switches to halves as a plural. Other examples of nouns that share this same pattern include calf/calves, self/selves, elf/elves and scarf/scarves.

‍What’s the singular of half? ½

A half.

What does “half” mean? ½ defines the word half as “one of two equal or approximately equal parts of a divisible whole, as an object, or unit of measure or time; a part of a whole equal or almost equal to the remainder.”

Nouns ending in -f/-fe and -ves

Nouns that end in –f/-fe convert to –ves as a plural:

scarf scarves
life lives
shelf shelves
self selves
half halves
Nouns ending in -f/-fe and –ves. Chart by Grammarflex.

Examples of “half” in sentences

1. The team fell behind in the first half but rallied in the second half to win the gam“

2. ‘Which half do you want?”

3. “I take the smaller half.”

4. More than half the hungry people in the world live in just these three nations—nations that are all net food exporters.

5. Just half a century ago, Americans on average spent more than 20 percent of their income on food.

Examples of “halves” in sentences

1. She broke each cookie into halves.

2. Two halves make a whole.

3. Using his sword, the samurai split his enemy’s body into two halves.

4. The mother cut the banana into halves and gave one to each of her twins.

5. When placed together, the halves of the locket should fit perfectly to form a heart.

Synonyms of half

  • partly
  • somewhat
  • bisected
  • divided
  • halved
  • sectioned
  • fractional

Origin of half

Old English half, halb (Mercian), healf (W. Saxon) “side, part,” not necessarily of equal division (original sense preserved in behalf), from Proto-Germanic *halba-.

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