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What’s the Plural of Dogma?

Both dogmas and dogmata are accepted plurals of dogma (sing. n.). Dogmata is the original Greek pl. n. form; dogmas is the Americanized plural.

What’s the plural of “dogma”?

Both dogmas and dogmata are plural forms of dogma.

Is dogma singular or plural?

Dogma is a singular noun. Dogmas and dogmata are the plural of dogma.

What does the word dogma mean?

The word and noun dogma is defined in the dictionary as “something held as an established opinion especially: a definite authoritative tenet“.

Greek nouns in English

schemaschemata or schemas
stigmastigmata or stigmas
dogmadogmata or dogmas

Examples of dogma used in context

1. In place of dogma, the elements of religion were alone to be taught.

2. It’s not just political dogma.

3. It takes religious dogma to do that.

4. But dogma is not yet technical for what is Christian or churchly.

5. He gave a vigorous support to the promulgation of the dogma of Papal Infallibility in 1870.

Examples of dogmata/dogmas used in context

1. In the “Dogmata“, after giving the history of each dogma, he adds the refutation of new errors.

2. The “dogma” or “dogmas” of heretics are frequently mentioned by orthodox writers.

3. Doubts about transubstantiation made him uneasy; some of Luther’s tracts fell in his way, and he was comforted by Luther’s dictum that salvation does not depend on human dogmata.

4. This creed formulates its relation to Scripture over and over, as the one regula by which all dogmata are to be tried.

5. Contrary opinions they denounced as pestifera dogmata.

Origin of the word dogma

From etymonline on dogma:

A settled opinion, a principle held as being firmly established,” c. 1600 (in plural dogmata), from Latin dogma “philosophical tenet,” from Greek dogma“.

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