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December 7, 2022

What’s the Plural of Dogma?

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Both dogmas and dogmata are accepted plurals of dogma (sing. n.). Dogmata is the original Greek pl. n. form; dogmas is the Americanized plural.

What’s the Plural of Schema?

Schema comes from Greek; it’s original pl. n. is schemata. Nowadays either schemas or schemata are accepted as plurals of schema.

What’s the Plural of Self?

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The plural of self is selves. Like most nouns that come from German and are sibilants, self takes on -ves as a pl. n. form.

What’s the Plural of Stigma?

Stigmata and stigmas are both accepted plural forms of the singular noun, stigma. Stigma comes from the Greek, and is originally stigma/stigmata.