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What’s the Plural of Swine?

Swine is used for both the singular and plural forms of swine (as in the ruminant, the pig).

Swine, female pigs can have as many as 20 piglets in a litter. Encyclopedia Brittanica.
Female pigs can have as many as 20 piglets in a litter. Encyclopedia Brittanica.

What’s the plural of “swine”?

Swine is used for both singular and plural noun forms of swine.

What’s the singular of swine?

Swine works for singular and plural cases.

What are swine? on swine:

Any stout, cloven-hoofed artiodactyl of the Old World family Suidae, having a thick hide sparsely covered with coarse hair, a disk-like snout, and an often short, tasseled tail: now of worldwide distribution and hunted or raised for its meat and other products. Compare hog, pig1, wild boar.

Nouns that stay the same in singular and plural

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Examples of the word swine used in sentences

1. Pigs can catch both bird and human influenza, in addition to swine flu.

2. Because the swine flu was not nearly as lethal as the novel coronavirus, there was not nearly as much need to halt its spread.

3. Based in Australia, the company is proud of a history that spans from its early use of plasma to beat diphtheria a century ago to helping develop the swine flu vaccine a decade ago.

4. During that period, Sinovac gained approvals to sell influenza, avian flu and swine flu vaccines in China.

5. In 2009, the WHO was accused of acting too early in declaring swine flu a pandemic, in part over concerns it had been pressured by pharmaceutical companies.

Origin of the word swine

From etymology online on swine (n.):

Old English swin “pig, hog, wild boar,” from Proto-Germanic *sweina- (source also of Old Saxon, Old Frisian Middle Low German, Old High German swin, Middle Dutch swijn, Dutch zwijn, German Schwein, Old Norse, Swedish, Danish svin)

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