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Are Suspenders Plural or Singular?

Suspenders are plural-only because they are made of pairs/parts/pieces. Plural-only nouns have no singular noun form.

Are “suspenders” singular or plural?

Suspenders are a plural-only noun in English. Plural-only nouns, like the name suggests, only have a plural noun form and no singular noun form. In English, items or objects made up of pieces or parts are referred to only as a plural: things like glasses, trousers, jeans, goggles, and so on, are all made of parts and so are referred to exclusively as a plural noun.

What are suspenders?

Merriam-Webster defines suspenders as:

A device by which something may be suspended: such as: one of two supporting bands worn across the shoulders to support trousers, skirt, or belt —usually used in plural and often with pair.

Plural-only nouns

The following objects and nouns are exclusively used as plural nouns in English, with no singular noun form:

Plural-Only Nouns Chart
Plural-only nouns. By Gflex on Canva.

Examples of the word suspenders used in sentences

1. In lieu of belt loops for some slacks, suspenders were worn to hold the pants up.

2. He wears a trench coat and a button-down shirt with suspenders, as well as a thin-brimmed fedora.

3. Gone are the support suspenders and gaudy steel rings that strangled the tower for much of the last decade.

4. He was wearing a wife-beater vest with Flash Harry pin-stripe pants and city trader suspenders hanging down from his waist

5. There are a lot of disposable and washable dog diapers to choose from, as well as truly adorable diaper suspenders if your pet needs a little extra help.

Origin of the word suspenders  

From etymology online on suspenders (n.):

Straps for holding up trousers, etc.,” 1806, American English, plural of suspender “one who or that which causes to hang by support from above” (1520s), agent noun from suspend (v.).  

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