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What’s the Plural of Concerto?

The plural of concerto is concerti and concertos.

What’s the plural of concerto?

The plural of concerto is concertos or concerti.

Is concerto singular or plural?

Concerto is a singular noun. The plural of concerto is concertos or concerti.

What does the word concerto mean?

The word concerto refers to “a musical composition for a solo instrument or instruments accompanied by an orchestra, especially one conceived on a relatively large scale.”

Nouns only used in the plural form:

The following are nouns made up of pairs, parts or pieces and are only referred to in the plural case:

Nouns that enNouns that end in -o take on -e/-es as plural nouns.d in -o chart (Italian origin).
Nouns that end in –o take on –e/-es as plural nouns.

Examples of concerto used in context

The following sentences show the correct use of the word concerto in context. All sentence examples of concerto are from Wikipedia, concerto:

In the 19th century, the concerto as a vehicle for virtuosic display flourished, and concertos became increasingly complex and ambitious works.

Beethoven contributed to the repertoire of concertos for more than one soloist with a Triple Concerto for piano, violin, cello and orchestra while later in the century, Brahms wrote a Double Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra.

During the Romantic era the cello became increasingly used as a concerto instrument; though the violin and piano remained the most frequently used.

These changes also affected the concerto as a musical form.

The material in Schoenberg’s concerto, like that in Berg’s, is linked by the twelve-tone serial method.

Examples of concertos/concerti used in context

The following sentences show the correct use of the word concertos/concerti in context. All sentence examples of concertos are from wikipedia, concerto:

In the 17th century, sacred works for voices and orchestra were typically called concertos, as reflected by J. S. Bach‘s usage of the title “concerto” for many of the works that we know as cantatas.

Many of the concertos written in the early 20th century belong more to the late Romantic school, hence modernistic movement.

Mozart wrote five violin concertos, all in 1775

C. P. E. Bach wrote five flute concertos and two oboe concertos.

Compositions were for the first time indicated as concertos in the title of a music print when the Concerti by Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli [scores] were published in 1587.

Origin of the word concerto

From etymonline on concerto:

“Composition for two or more solo instruments, or one principal instrument accompanied by a large or small orchestra,” 1730, from Italian concerto“.


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