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Which is Correct: Photo Shoot or Photoshoot?

Is it spelled photoshoot as one word, or photo shoot as two words? Read more to find out the correct answer. 

Is it “photo shoot” or “photoshoot”?

Is photoshoot one word or two; as in, photo shoot?

  • The general consensus is that photo shoot is spelled as two individual words: photo shoot.

Both photoshoot and photo shoot mean the exact same thing in English, and describe the same event: a photography session, or someone taking photos of a model or another person. Realistically, whether you opt for the two word or single word spelling, no one will be confused on the meaning of either option, (and that’s the most important point—whether the writing makes sense, and is communicable to others).

Another thing to note is that while the two word form photo shoot is technically correct, the one word photoshoot is not necessarily incorrect. In fact, the single word compound is continually increasing in popularity over its two-worded counterpart. Photoshoot, as one word, is what’s known as a compound word in English. Photoshoot is simply the compound of photo shoot, and conjoins the two words to form a single word or term.

What does ‘photo shoot’ mean?

The dictionary defines the term photo shoot as:

A photography session and especially one in which a professional photographer takes photographs of someone or something for commercial use (as in a magazine.) (Merriam-Webster)

Photo shoot in sentences examples

Each of the following sentences includes photo shoot as two word (Sentence examples are from Wikipedia).

1. A renowned professional photographer was chosen and a photo shoot took place, usually in one of the royal residences rather than in the photographer’s studio.

2. The band didn’t enjoy the photo shoot due to the cold weather.

3. They never actually played music, but only had a photo shoot.

4. She had her own clothes when she showed up to the photo shoot, but he had a dress he wanted her to try on.

5. The seat is typically surrounded by a curtain of some sort to allow for some privacy and help avoid outside interference during the photo shoot.

6. Scenes are intercut with her doing the photo shoot for the album.

7. Photo shoots are only once a week, and handling by strangers is limited.

Photoshoot in sentences examples

Each of the following sentences includes photoshoot as a compound word (Sentence examples are from

1. It started at a photoshoot I was doing with Nirvana in Seattle.

2. When on location in Cambodia for a photoshoot, Angelina Jolie told E!

3. Their relationship begins when the two pose nude for a photoshoot, which leads to a steamy sex scene against a fence afterward.

4. The athletes took part in a photoshoot on the glacier at Tignes, modelling skiwear.

5. The last photoshoot was to do a close-up.

6. The first photoshoot portrayed the negative sides of smoking.

7. The judges secretly monitor the girls as they go through the gruelling course and finish with a short photoshoot.

8. He also produced the photoshoot for the magazine cover.

9. For this week’s photoshoot the girls will pose on a horseback with old-fashioned dresses.

Other words for photo shoot

These words and phrases all share similar meanings with photo shoot, and are synonyms:

  • Photo session
  • Photography
  • Photo opportunity
  • Take photos 
  • Take pictures
  • Snap pictures
  • Shoot a pic
  • Photo
  • Picture
  • Capture

Other commonly confused compound words

The English language is notorious for its peculiarities and exceptions. Many extremely common words that people use all the time are treated as compound words, when most often they’re either single words, or might be a compound depending on the context. Take a look at these other commonly confused as-a-compound words:

  • Alright vs all right: Alright is a compound of all right. Technically, alright is informal and should be avoided in formal writing.

  • Alot vs a lot: Alot is not a word and should be avoided period. A lot is an idiom that means “very much.”

  • Nevermind vs never mind: It’s ‘never mind’ as two words. Kurt Cobain can be held responsible for this common misunderstanding in English.

Fun bonus fact!

The first camera ever recorded in history (no pun intended), was the Camera Obscura, meaning “darkroom” or “dark chamber”.


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