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Devise or Device? (Meaning, Usage)

Device or devise?

What’s the difference between device and devise?

Devise is a verb meaning “to invent or plan”. Device is a noun that refers to “an object or a piece of equipment that has been designed to do a particular job”. Device may aid in devising.

The distinction between them is clearer in context:

The new devices will be installed at US airports.

A new system has been devised to control traffic in the city.

“Devise” / “device”, used in sentences

Examples: “devise” used in sentences
Scientists have devised a method of recycling the contaminated oil.

We must devise a new system for dealing with complaints.
Examples: “device” used in sentences
The new devices will be installed at US airports.

We now have electrical labour-saving devices around the home.

This device allows deaf people to communicate by typing messages instead of speaking.

Devise, synonyms

  • arrange
  • come up with
  • concoct
  • construct
  • craft
  • create
  • design
  • discover
  • forge
  • formulate
  • hatch
  • invent

Device, synonyms

  • accessory
  • apparatus
  • appliance
  • equipment
  • gadget
  • gear
  • machine
  • material
  • mechanism

Word origin (of device/devise)

Early 13c., devisen, “to form, fashion;” c. 1300, “to plan, contrive, think or study out, elaborate in the mind,” from Old French deviser “dispose in portions, arrange, plan, contrive” (in Modern French, “to chat, gossip”), from Vulgar Latin *divisare.

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