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Dalia Y

Started Grammarflex(ing) in 2022—been a word nerd and writing enthusiast ever since. (BA, MA in phil).

What’s the Plural of Wolf?

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The plural of the Canis lupus, more commonly referred to as a wolf, is wolves. Wolves is the only plural form of wolf.

What’s the Plural of Foot?

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Foot plural is feet. Look tooth plural is teeth, foot is an irregular English plural noun that does not end in s/es.

What’s the Plural of Hippopotamus?

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The short answer is that both hippopotamuses and hippopotami are correct plurals for this barrel-bodied and rotund mammal: the hippopotamus.

What’s the Plural of Shrimp?

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Either shrimp or shrimps are accepted as the plural of these marine crustaceans and decapods. Shrimp without the -s is more commonly used as the plural form.