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Is it Flyer or Flier? Which is Correct?

Flyer or flier

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023 at 03:22 am

Flyer or flier?

Is the correct spelling flyer or flier? Do these words mean the same thing, and can they be used interchangeably? As it turns out, both are correct spellings to refer to a person or thing that flies (flies verb form of flyer/flier, in the third-person present singular).

Flyer and flier are nouns that can mean any of the following, depending on the context it’s used in:

  • A thing, especially a bird or an insect, that flies in a particular way.
  • A small sheet of paper that advertises a product or an event and is given to a large number of people. A flyer (or
    flier) in this context is similar to a brochure, leaflet or pamphlet.

Flyer is the more common spelling to mean advertisement or pamphlet.

Sentence examples with flyerSentence examples with flier
Flyers announcing the concert were distributed throughout the city.

He was a noted flyer for the aircraft corporation.
She’s a frequent flier on that airline.

He was a flier on an aircraft carrier.
Flyer or flier?

Phrases with flyer or flier

Take a flier is a phrase that means to take a risk or gamble. Take a flyer is also correct, but it’s not the preferred spelling of this phrase, according to the Associated Press.

He took a flier in politics soon after getting his degree.

Investors have been unwilling to take a flier on such a small and unproven company.

A highflier is a term to describe someone that’s “extravagant or goes to extremes in aims, pretensions, opinions, etc.” Highflyer, high flyer, and high flier are also correct spellings of this term.

New York’s largest law firms attracts highfliers looking for a big-time legal career.

He’s quite a high-flier and quite a looker, with a smile that just melts you inside.

Sentence examples with flier

She’s a frequent flier on that airline.

He was a flier on an aircraft carrier.

Butterflies can be strong fliers.

Sentence examples with flyer

Flyers announcing the concert were distributed throughout the city.

Instead of handing out flyers, we created a post online and asked people to share it.

The infrequent flyer about to get on the plane at Reno-Tahoe International Airport had sores all over him. [Los Angeles Times]

Synonyms of flyer/flier

  • aviator
  • aeronot
  • jet
  • air person
  • aviatrix
  • ace
  • navigator

Synonyms of flyer/flier as in a pamphlet

  • leaflet
  • pamphlet
  • brochure
  • advertisement
  • handbill
  • booklet
  • catalogue
  • paperback
  • throwaway

Origin of flyer/flier

Also flier, mid-15c., “that which flies, thing or creature that flies,” agent noun of fly (v.1). Meaning “something that goes fast” is from 1795. Meaning “speculative investment, financial venture” is from 1846 (on the notion of a “flying leap”). Meaning “small handbill or fly-sheet” is from 1889, U.S. slang (originally especially of police bulletins), on notion of “made to be scattered broadcast.” Meaning “aviator” (1916) developed in World War I. Related: Fliers; flyers.

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