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Do you ever catch yourself questioning the correct past tense of a certain verb, like ‘dream’: is it dreamed or dreamt? Similarly, other confusing verbs, like spelled or spelt, burned or burnt, or what about speed or speeded?

Mastering English verb conjugation is no small feat—but it doesn’t need to be so difficult. We make learning the fundamentals of verb conjugation sensible and straightforward.

The proper past tenses of verbs (and all of their other tenses) will make sense once you understand what each of them mean, their proper construction and how they denote actions or events in relation to time. We get into the twelve principal tenses in English, and include worksheets/practice questions for you to practice your own self-mastery of the past tense of verbs, along their their other tense forms.

Paid or payed?

Is “Paid” or “Payed” Correct?

What is the correct past tense of “pay”? The verb pay, which describes giving money to someone for something you want to buy or for

Is it creeped or crept?

What’s the Past Tense of Creep?

Is it creeped or crept? If you’re trying to say that you’re creeped out by something, use creeped. Otherwise, both creeped and crept are accepted

What’s the Past Tense of Weep? Weeped or Wept?

Hopefully you haven’t wept over not knowing the past tense of weep. Here’s a hint, it’s in the previous sentence: wept and had wept are the past tense and past participle of weep.